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The Kovack Advisors Platform provides independent RIA’s and Broker/Dealers a flexible, cost effective and technologically advanced advisory system. Our platform gives you instant access to state of the art advisor trading tools, world class institutional money managers and a full suite of administrative tools to meet all of your advisory needs.

Unlike most Turnkey Asset Management Programs that only offer a selection of managers and models, our system allows the individual advisor to create their own models for trading client accounts. Our system also allows the Independent Broker/Dealer or RIA the option of maintaining custody of their advisory accounts. Our system can be customized to your specific needs and requirements. Here are a few of the tools:

• Advisor Directed Single-Order Trade Execution
• Model Trading
• UMA Accounts
• Institutional Money Managers
• Mutual Fund Wrap
• ETF Wrap

• Billing
• Performance Reporting
• Multiple Clearing Firms
• Proposal Generation
• Drift Reporting
• Automated Account Reconciliation

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